Machines for the assembly of packaging components and lines for the assembly of compacts. Modular systems that can be configured to meet any need and expanded in the future. Inspection equipment for multiple applications.

Cosmetic Powders

State of the art powder presses for face powders, eye-shadows and blushes. Back injection and core injection machines for wet/slurry powders. Dispensing and drying equipment for baked powders. Specialized equipment for other cosmetic powder applications.

Lipsticks and Pencils

Filling and assembly machines for lipsticks and pencils from pilot plant to high speed production. Lipstick machines can run multiple mould types including soft moulds with intricate engravings. Modular system design with various levels of automation to meet any need.

Mascaras and Glosses

Modular system design allows for ease of changeover between product and container types and can be easily upgraded as production needs dictate. Ease of access and continuous QC between operations for high efficiency and low scrap rate.


Simple powder blenders to large scale blenders/mills featuring very short batch times, all specifically designed for the production of color cosmetic powders.

Hot melt tanks used in the production of lipsticks and other hot poured products.

Tooling & Consumables

Tooling and formats for any Vetraco machine including custom design and engraving.